What Are You Having?

People keep asking if we’re going to find out what we’re having. I find this to be one of the more baffling things people have asked me. More information? I once asked if I could get a full-body MRI just to find out everything weird and broken that might be in me–of COURSE I’m going to find out.

I read menus to restaurants, in their entirety, before going to a restaurant, even if I’ve been there before. I like to plan accordingly. If I’m going to get balsamic-glazed salmon, I’m not going to eat salad with balsamic on it for lunch. (As though my lunches were ever anything other than PB&J, but, you get the point.) Then, when I get to the restaurant, I read the menu again just to make sure I haven’t changed my mind.

I am in the habit of looking at the 10-Day Weather Forecast even when I’m not planning any trips, big races, or outdoor time in the next 10 days. I just like to be prepared. If it’s going to be 80 next Tuesday, I might want to wear my white skirt, which means, I don’t want to wear the only shirt that goes with it on Monday.

So, yes, when we can, we’re going to find out “what we’re having.” Other than a scone, I mean. 

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