Before our Wandering Days Are Over…

On Wednesday, Nick and I are taking off for our last big epic-family-of-only-two adventure. We’re re-vsiting a lot of sights from our individual and collective pasts, hoping to do some hiking, easy running, picnicking, photographing, and laughing. We’ve got audiobooks and fully-charged electronic devices and the following itinerary:

Sutton, West Virginia (where I worked as a field organizer for the Kerry Campaign back in 2004)
St. Louis (I haven’t been since I went on a father-daughter trip to the Arch with my dad as a little kid. I’m also really looking forward to the drive through Kentucky, the chance to eat some BBQ, and a farm-to-table breakfast before we head to…)
Fayetteville, Arkansas to visit my cousin and her husband, see their new house and play with their new puppy
Salina, Kansas to see my aunt, uncle, and other cousin
Valentine, Nebraska¬†where my college roommate once let a mouse out of her pocket in the middle of a Chinese buffet while doing field work for her evolutionary biology PhD (she really wants me to ask everyone we meet if they know the mice people, but I’m a little hesitant to reveal this connection)
Rapid City, South Dakota en-route to Mt. Rushmore
Cody, Wyoming en-route to Yellowstone
Missoula, Montana to see my mom’s best friend
Minneapolis, to see my brother and eat our way through the Twin Cities
Madison, Wisconsin to see my college teammate and hopefully revisit the Nepalese restaurant I’ve been dreaming about ever since I first tired Roti when I lived in Madison back in 2005
Chicago, to see my college roommate and eat as many of my favorite Hyde Park foods as possible
Columbus, Ohio to see Nick’s old stomping grounds from his Ohio State post-doc days
and, finally, home again. Just in time to go check in with the cross country girls before the season starts, do some teaching workshops I signed up for back in the spring, and get ready for the school year.

I’m going to try to post photos, if nothing else, along the way.

Any food, running, audiobook, or oddball Americana sight-seeing suggestions welcome!

2 Replies to “Before our Wandering Days Are Over…”

  1. Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis is a gorgeous park. Also recommend taking the L-train and busses anywhere around Minneapolis. Buca di Beppo is my husband’s and my favorite food place in Minneapolis (there are several locations – Italian food family style).

  2. Thanks! I’ve run a lot of the Greenway/river trails, but never Minnehaha Falls. I will have to check that out. Your food recommendations remind me of another plan for Minnesota… Norske Nook pie!

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