I’d read a few of the short stories in Lauren Groff’s collection. Dogs Go Wolf was right up my creepy, abandoned alley (I told my friend it reminded me of a creepy version of Moonrise Kingdom) and I thought Flower Hunters was one of the best stories I’d ever read about female friendship. I realize, especially, that’s rare to read a story that takes femaleĀ adultĀ friendship seriously. Groff herself talks a bit about this here.

I read the stories while on vacation in Florida (did this on purpose being the kind of dorky book-planner that I am) and there’s one in particular that I thought about on many runs. (We were in the panhandle and none of these stories take place there, so I may be being a bit unfair in generalizing Florida like this…)

One of my favorite things about all of Groff’s writing is how infused with archetype and mythology her stories are. I have a few ideas for longer essays about some of these stories and need to re-read and mull and research a little bit.